Long lasting coronavirus is not only impacting our economy but also our mental and health status . This is affecting our life from not only short time point of view but actually at a long term point. Its actually distracting persons from their goals. Every family is facing economy disturbances in their family planning. ButContinue reading “Reverberation”


The meaning of a Book would be a bundle of sheets of papers bind up together. But the meaning of a book is something different from a google definitions .It differs from person to person . For some it would be just sheets of papers,but for some people it would be life. Every word inContinue reading “Bibliophilia”


Some of you might be thinking that this blog would relate to the famous web series FRIENDS . Hopefully,it’s wrong. This blog’s is for all of us. The most important creatures of our life are our friends .The most important lessons are always taught by our friends. We all have Friends. Some might be GoodContinue reading “Yaariyan”

Bewildering Women’s

Women’s : Mother,God,Love,Pain,Patience,Tolerance,and every other word that would describe the women’s situation. According to various reports , cases with regards to women’s in the whole world are more than any other cases like murder, theft etc. In my view, every women must have felt in some or other way a little bit of pain .Continue reading “Bewildering Women’s”

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